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3/10 Easy

Landscaping Basics

This foundational course is for students interested in the general theories and practices of traditional landscaping design. Students learn historical landscaping styles and design practices that apply to home gardens and public spaces. They explore rudimentary landscape drafting and construction in addition to becoming familiar with a variety of tools and machines used in the trade.
6/10 Normal

Residential Landscaping

This residential landscaping course shows students how to recognize and correct common yard problems, such as soil deficiencies and to control weeds and pests. Students learn which annual and perennial plants are appropriate in which climates as well as what each plant requires to thrive. The class also teaches you to identify the genus of a variety of trees, shrubs, ground covers.
4/10 normal

Landscape Maintenance

This landscape maintenance course is designed to provide students with the technical skills necessary to preserve the health and vitality of a garden. Online participants explore the feeding and watering needs of a variety of plants as well as the importance of weed and pest control. Safety procedures and guidelines for employing chemicals in garden maintenance are also considered.
5/10 normal

Landscape Design

Students in this landscape design program learn to blend flowers, shrubs, trees and groundcovers to create unity, balance and proportion. They also learn to evaluate a site's natural features, identify and estimate materials, prepare bids, and work with crews and suppliers. Additionally, participants learn to integrate walls, trails and terraces into landscaping designs.
7/10 normal

Managing a Landscaping Business

This course covers what is required to start a business in landscaping including basic necessary equipment, and will also teach students what is needed to keep the business running. Business basics will be discussed such as legal aspects of running a business, how to hire employees, and contract writing.

7.5/10 hard

The Vertical Landscape

This course considers the vertical element of landscape design, i.e. trees. Students learn how to select the appropriate trees for their design goals, including taking into account local building codes. Course includes:

Types of Green Walls
Types of Walls
Design Considerations
3/10 easy

The Tools of Landscape Design

Part of communicating with clients, contractors and city officials is drawing up design plans. This course teaches students how to clearly draft and notate those plans. Graphic presentation is also covered.

8/10 hard

Scope and Nature of Roof and Vertical Gardens

Introduction to vertical gardens and roof gardens in horticulture today
Reasons for Green Walls and Roof Gardens
Accessibility and Safety
What Is A Roof Garden?
What Is A Vertical Garden?
Pruning Prevents Problems
Decorative Plant Supports
Temporary Props