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Members of the club are open to those who has interests to horticultural related persons such as technical professionals and hobbyists. The club welcomes various gardening organizations, horticultural organizations or individuals to promote our association website


Operating Principles

Members have an obligation to deliver goods and services in an efficient and cost-effective manner, (according to contract specifications) in order to protect the client’s interest while maintaining acceptable standards.

Members advertising shall be neither false nor in any way misleading.

Members shall respect and improve the environment.

Members shall treat employees fairly, honestly and lawfully

Members shall not make false or malicious statements that may injure the professional reputation of other members.

Members shall endeavour to attract to the profession, individuals with a high degree of honesty, courtesy, integrity and competence

Members shall meet their obligations and responsibilities to clients, suppliers and employees.


Under the umbrella of the Song Landscaping Club and Song Landscaping Association, your membership entitles you to take advantage of a variety of programs which will enable your business to save money on a wide range of business products and services. Most of these benefits are administered by Song Landscaping Club and Song Landscaping Association.